Saturday, May 5, 2012

I'm So Proud!!!

I'm LOVING School!!!
I’m Super PROUD!!!

Just found out I was awarded 3 UD UNITS for the paper I wrote on American Subcultures!!!

From the fantastic director of the LEAP program
Hooray! More great news for Melissa! Congrats to you and Miri.
Also, Melissa, this essay will meet one of your Area C requirements!
Great work!
From the Evaluator
3 UD UNITS - American Subcultures
I was impressed with your well-written and respectful critical analysis of the foot fetish subculture…You discussed numerous variations in the expression of foot fetishes, beginning with the centuries-old tradition of foot-binding in China, and extending to aggressive, physically intense activities such as trampling and kicking. As to foot-binding in particular, you drew parallels between this now discontinued Chinese practice and the contemporary custom of wearing stiletto heels and pointe shoes in their comparable appeal within the foot fetish subculture. You wrote at length about the diverse range of men and women who make up the foot fetish subculture in contemporary American society, many of whom are bright, well-educated, and occupy positions of respect and influence in the work world and society at large. You also noted that the frequently submissive behaviors individuals elicit within the foot fetish subculture are often not emblematic of the sense of self they hold and present more authentically in other life domains. You added that because these individuals are predominantly reluctant to disclose their foot fetish preferences and interests in their public and personal lives, they especially enjoy and value the ability to realize their intimate fantasies in the accepting climate accorded to them in private, well-organized, and largely non-sexual events… Moreover, you remarked that many of the male and female participants in attendance at such gatherings find intrinsic enjoyment and satisfaction in sharing various foot fetish activities, and do so with mutual regard. You qualified that a segment of the foot fetish subculture, however, is comprised of professionals from the adult entertainment world who, by contrast, have little respect for the unique desires of the individuals they encounter, and for whom there is little personal meaning in fulfilling others' foot-related fantasies beyond the purely extrinsic rewards these activities provide. I was privileged to share in your fascinating and insightful personal story.
You have earned three upper division units for the learning documented by your exemplary essay.
Thomas O. Hodgson, Ph.D.

I cannot thank my professor, Miri Hunter, enough!!!
The guidance I received from Miri, while writing the papers for the LEAP 100-Personal and Professional Assessment Course (PPA) last semester, was unbelievable.
She is an amazing educator who has the patience and the wisdom to help facilitate clear thinking, and knows how to deliver the tools needed for us to navigate the process of writing about such challenging topics.
Miri’s guidance was my greatest assets as I tackled these papers!

So far:
2 out of 4 papers have been evaluated.
Kinesiology: The Care and Prevention of Injuries
3 Upper Division Units on the 1st try!!!
Sociology-American Subcultures: Foot Fetish Subcultures
3 Upper Division Units on the 1st try!!!
I’m LOVING the LEAP Program

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