Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day after LA Marathon Dinner for Mister AC at Chez Calasanz

Mister AC ran the LA Marathon
on Sunday for his 40th Birthday

We followed up his run with wonderful friends
and his favorite treats of pizza and chips and other goodies.
So on Monday, I decided to cook him up something healthy, and nutritious.
This meal is packed with protein, fiber, and nutrient rich goodies.

Sauteed Super-Garlicky Shrimp and Shallots

Mister AC loves pasta
All kinds of pasta.
Any shape, size, hot, cold, with sauce, without sauce...he loves pasta!
He also likes spinach (lightly steamed and chopped), and cheese (little mozzarella balls), so I decided to toss them all together with roasted baby tomatoes (in the oven at 350 with just salt and pepper till they looked good to me), shallots (raw and diced), white kidney beans (canned, thoroughly rinsed), sage (fresh coarse shopped), a hint of olive oil, balsamic, salt and pepper.
The combo made an excellent pasta salad that was both nutritious and delicious.
Had to throw in a side o Green Beans for color and texture.

Served with love
and a bottle of Prosecco from our dear friend Jessica S
(Thanks Jessica S for the Bubbly!)
A wonderful home cooked meal for my wonderful man.
: )

Random SOLO Beach Getaway Monday, Feb 28th 2011

Sometime I get the urge to sleep outside
under the stars, as close to crashing waves as possible

The inside of my cozy little cocoon
next to the pretty Pacific Ocean on Monday Evening Feb 28th, 2011
My Grandma's Birthday.
Wow, my SnugPac Softie Bag that I got from Sheepleg really was
Comfy and Quiet!
: )

Good morning!
I couldn't wait to greet the day
I poked my head out
and this is what I saw looking to my left (south-ish)

Scampered out to get a better view of the sunrise
and to see how cute my tent looked so close to the ocean.

Wasn't quite sure how my surroundings were really gonna look
since I pitched my tent at 10:30pm the night before in the dark.

Here comes the sun!
I guess I picked a pretty good spot to sleep.
: )

Looking out at The Channel Islands...Anacapa, Santa Cruz...
How I miss those Islands

Decided to head south
to read a magazine and enjoy the sound of the waves

My trusty Subaru and "The Love of My Life"
Nothing gets me to where I wanna go in better style than my Subaru
: )
Wow, we've really missed the water!

Took my bivy as close to the ocean as possible
and snuggled in for a good read and a nap.

It felt so wonderful to be so close to the water, relaxing
waiting for the sun to make it over the cliff

Saw plenty of seals playing together and pretty, graceful birds...
...but nothing beats the beauty of the ocean...

and the sunrise

The progression of the sunrise
over one of my favorite hikes.
: )

What a beautiful morning
after a peaceful night.
: )

Life is Good
: )