Wednesday, April 17, 2013

My Running Community

My Running Community = My Running Family
Melissa Adylia Calasanz of Controlled Burn Fitness with Team ARC Party Pace at the Pasadena Marathon 2012
Melissa Adylia Calasanz of Controlled Burn Fitness
with Team ARC Party Pace at the Pasadena Marathon 2012
I never set out to become a "runner." My running life came to be, through beautiful "guilt by association." Thanks to the years of helping runners care for and prevent injuries, it "just happened." I am proud to hold the title of "runner,” even on the days I am more of a sleepwalker. My fellow runners, of all ages, shapes, sizes, paces, and abilities, have become an amazing family! In fact, it is through running that I found my wonderful husband, Andrew Calasanz.
Melissa Adylia Calasanz of Controlled Burn Fitness with Husband, Andrew Calasanz in the beer garden of the Surf City International Marathon 2013
Melissa Adylia Calasanz of Controlled Burn Fitness
with Husband, Andrew Calasanz in the beer garden
of the Surf City International Marathon 2013
Our running friends and family are as supportive as they are entertaining; they are driven, and they are accepting. If you’ve ever participated in a running event, or been a spectator, you know how encouraging fellow competitors, participants, spectators, and volunteers can be. You'll see spectators cheering for strangers, and becoming fast friends with the people cheering beside them.
On Monday, April 15h, 2013, I realized how much I love my running family. I found out about the explosions almost instantly as my friend Shane Mundy posted the following on his Facebook wall:
 I heard a loud explosion and [Allison] just called and it's looks like a bomb may have gone off < This has turned bad”.
The following is part of the thread that followed:
Shane Mundy OMG Fire and Police sirens going every where
Melissa Adylia Calasanz For real?! oh no! Be safe! Hugs to you and your family!
Shane Mundy it's pretty scary , they are stuck out there
An apparent explosion has hit the finish line area of the Boston Marathon.
Shane Mundy in the marathon crowd , they went over near Fenway to see me
Shane Mundy OMG it's crazy , i was only thinking yesterday about this , it's always on your mind
Allison Mundy Thank god frank. It as so horrible masses of people running. I didn't know where to go with my kids
Shane Mundy Yes we are all back i the Hotel and we won't be moving far , Allison was very close and got caught up in the crowds running the other way
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Allison Mundy Two bombs gone off. Gruesome injurys. No deaths yet please god
Shane Mundy 2 BOMBS went off on the finish line , lots of people killed , Allison and the kids caught up in the panic of people running
Allison Mundy At finish line of marathon
Allison Mundy Thank god my children were with me and not off shopping. I didn't know where to go
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Luckily, his family was able to quickly make it back to their hotel, but not after witnessing some of the horrible injuries.
Just moments before the above thread began, I had just commented on a picture that Shane had posted, of himself, standing proud, wearing his mylar blanket, medal, and a smile.
Shane safe and out of harms way just minutes before the explosions,
after finishing a 3:18 at The Boston Marathon
Photo Credit: Shane Mundy
I spent the rest of the afternoon making sure the rest of our 30+ running Friends/Family were safe and accounted for.
Thankfully, they are all safe. J
Sadly, there are so many more that are not. L
 Though running is a solo endeavor, it is absolutely a “team" sport. Regardless of whether you're team is elite, club, or a collection of all the voices in your head, or perhaps your part of the team that supports these runners, you are a part of an amazing family…a family that is not only amazing, but also strong and resilient.
Wishing strength and hope to everyone who has been touched by The Boston Marathon tragedy.

-Melissa Adylia Calasanz

Saturday, April 13, 2013

OUCH! My Left Foot!

Car doors, shovels, and my left foot
are NOT a good combination

If you ever have an altercation with a car door on the same day you have an altercation with a shovel, don't think you can just "walk it off" and that "it's no big deal," and most importantly, do NOT go to a 2 hour dance class 2 days later or you will have issues...very big, bad issues.
Time to wag my finger at myself and say: "Be kind to your body!"
On Tuesday, I really clobbered my foot on the car door...thought nothing of it-figured it was just really bruised and tender...had to take my flip flop off to drive even though my flip flop wasn’t even touching the part I hit...thought nothing of it...
When I got home, I started gardening. I had put on my garden shoes. I had totally forgotten about my foot. I started "turning" my compost. As I was stomping on the shovel, the foot that I had hit with the car door tried to remind me that it had been hurt already and didn’t want to be hurt anymore. I figured, I had hit the top of my foot on the car door, and I was using the bottom of my foot to stomp the shovel, so I couldn’t possibly be doing anything really bad to it, right? I figured it was just bruised, and I sadly pretty much ignored it, and kept on shoveling- but using the other foot to stomp on the shovel.
Well, I shouldn’t have been out there shoveling, digging, pulling, no matter what! I wasn’t listening to my body. I always tell my clients “if your body is sending out pain signals, listen!” Sadly, I wasn’t listening.
But the shovel was paying attention.
And the shovel was gonna try to teach me a lesson.It was about to beat some sense into me about listening to my body.
As I was walking back to my compost pile, with some goodies to throw into it, the shovel decided to fall over-ON MY FOOT! L OUCH!!! By the time I had finished up with the compost, the foot was REALLY painful…
Later that night, I couldn’t wear any shoes, so I shuffled around in socks and was kinda ok, until I realized that my gait was super wonky and my foot was kinda dragging. I took a closer look. No bruising, no swelling, nothing. So I just typed my paper and went to bed.
The next morning when I got up to get ready for school, my foot was not cooperating.
(In hind sight, I wasn’t cooperating! My foot was doing its best to do what I asked. But it was in pain, begging for some kindness and understanding. But I wasn’t listening to it! Dear Left Foot, I am sorry. L )
I put on a pair of shoes, thinking I should probably wear something more substantial other than my flip flops. The shoes were not a “hit” with my foot. I should have at least listened to my best judgment (since I was not listening to my body) and not put the shoes.  I should have stuck with my (and my feet’s) preferred footwear-flip flops or my “super-sexy” TEVA sandals and socks.   
As I walked to my car, and during my entire hour and fifteen minute drive, my foot was really uncomfortable. The top of my foot was really tender. I even took off my shoe half way through the drive to school. I just figured it was bruised. I put the shoe back on for my walk down the hill at GCC, on my way to ballet class. OUCH! Not only did the top of my foot really hurt, I had a shuffle/drag to my step. L Now, a shuffle/drag could be a good thing, if you’re a tap dancer! But I was not trying to tap dance! I was on my way to a ballet class!
I did one good thing:  I took the day off from ballet class that day, and got to enjoy doing an observation/assessment/presentation instead.  I really wanted to dance, but I figured, if I took the day off, my foot would be fine the next day. Sadly, as I walked back up the hill, I was having second thoughts that one day off would be enough.
That night, my foot was still wonky. But I barely noticed it since I was sitting all night typing.
The next day, I headed off to Jazz class wearing my flip flops, and didn’t really notice anything till I started the 2 block walk to class. The foot was still a little tender, but what really bothered me was my shuffle-y gait-as if my left foot was flopping/dragging along.  Uh oh.
Sadly, I pretty much ignored it and figured it would feel better once it warmed up during class.  About ten minutes into class, I noticed that not only was it not working, there was some swelling.  I even walked up to the teacher and mentioned “I really clobbered my foot with a shovel the other day…” perhaps hoping for some “permission” to sit the rest of the class out so I wouldn’t feel like a “has-been,” lazy-ass old lady. My mention of the shovel incident was pretty much brushed off, and I felt as if I was overreacting to it too, so, like a complete asshole, I acted like an average person and ignored my body and finished class. By the time I took of my shoe, there was some really noticeable swelling.
I kept checking it out throughout the rest of the afternoon and evening, but I was still baffled. Though it was painful to touch and a bit difficult (actually, really difficult) to flex my foot, I was able to point my foot perfectly. And there still was no bruising! Bizarre! I decided to rest my foot for the remainder of the evening and take it easy the next day.
Well, yesterday was the “next day,” and I did take it easy. I only walked from my car into the bank, from my car to into Whole Foods, and then I headed off to the library. As I was getting ready to walk into the library, I knew something was really wrong...this funky pain, this floppy foot, and the creepy-crawl-y feeling when I tried to flex it had to be more than a bruise. I went right back to my car and called Kaiser. Got an 8:20 appointment...exam, xray, all the good stuff.
GOOD NEWS: I have amazing feet!!!  Super strong bones-excellent bone density with excellent alignment and no signs of arthritis or degeneration- the Dr. was surprised; she said: "for a dancer and a runner, I am surprised you have such strong and healthy feet!) 
BAD NEWS: Sadly, since I didn't listen to my body, and I down-played my pain, thinking it was just banged up, I've really done some damage to the tendon on the top of my foot and the surrounding tissue.
Disciplined Indulgence Blog Chez Calasanz

"TRAUMATIC INJURY OF FOOT." "This patient is placed off work from 4/12/13-4/27/13 and "Avoid weight bearing for 2 weeks."
GOOD NEWS: It wasn’t dancing or running related.
NOTE TO SELF: "practice what I preach and listen to my body when it is in pain!"
Grrrr, I've been a bad girl and will now suffer the consequences.
The next two weeks are gonna be "interesting." :/
ON THE BRIGHT SIDE: I have 2 great books that I have to read for my Critical Perspectives 2 Class!
Wishing ya’ll a Happy, Healthy, and Ambulatory Day!