Sunday, January 23, 2011

Crystal Cove Coastal Run January 20, 2011

This was my fourth sunshine-filled scamper
along the beautiful coast of Crystal Cove State Park in Newport Beach, CA
this time, I brought the camera
: ) 

Once again
I attempted to Hit the Trails of Crystal Cove/Moro Ridge
This was my 6th attempt
since the trails took a beating from the winter storms

The Moro Ridge/Pacific Ridge Trail Head was still closed

I'm really missing my trails and hills

With all the trail options
it's hard to believe that they're all pretty much closed
I was on the trails just after the rains
and it was obvious why they were closed.
Lots of land slides, huge overall big mess
: (

I "had to" head to the coast again to get some mileage
So I headed back to scamper along the coast of Crystal Cove State Park
for the 4th day this week
: )
I parked a mile north
of the "you are here" sign
and ran the coast to the end, by Abalone Point and back
decisions, decisions...
; )

I love this little boardwalk
I've seen tons of bunnies, lizards, caterpillars, lady bugs, chubby squirrels,
and beautiful birds.
I have also heard froggy sounds
but not sure who was making them

There is so much wonderful information along the boardwalk
it's worth taking the time to read before heading down to the beach

This is the turn to head down to the beach
: )
If  you stay on the boardwalk
there is a wonderful overlook of the Coastal Bluffs.

I had to get a closer look of the info
before heading to the overlook
So cool
I love seeing the little Garibaldi fish in the kelp beds
when I'm kayaking along this coast

I asked a random fella to take this dorky picture of me
before I headed to the beach for my coastal scamper.
The dude was fully camped out to enjoy the day.
Notice his chair, hiking pole, binoculars, paper...
Golly, I love this view
All that wonderfully packed sand makes running feel good.
I also LOVE
my PCTR shirt
I can't wait till Montana De Oro again!
Join us! Feb 13th!
Take the time to read these tidbits of info
It really helps one appreciate the beauty even more.
: )

The beach!
The wonderful sand!
I love the way this sand feels underfoot.
Just enough cushion, just enough of a challenge.
: )

For a gal who would rather be in her kayak
being so close to the ocean makes running enjoyable
Golly, I love it here!
Wouldn't you?

It was about 74 degrees today!: )
I could go on forever out here
I love the sound of the waves.
I can't get enough of the fresh air.

The end is near!
But I'm not in any hurry today
: )
I've paddled down to that point from the Coast Guard Beach
and had always wondered what the beach was like.
Now I know and I'm in love.
: )

I kick up my heels for running along the coast!
I bothered a sweet sunbathing couple to take this picture.
They laughed.
They smiled and waved at me as I ran by on my way back
: )
You know I'm happy when I'm kicking up my heels!
: )

At the end!
Yes, I had to kick up my heels again before heading back.
I bothered two young men who were watching their friends paddling out there.
They must have thought I was some loony tourist.
Lemme tell you one more thing
it's not easy picking up that big leg after running
and holding it up long enough for someone to take a pic...BUT CRAMP!
; D

Looking back...
: )
...before heading back.
: )

Ooops, almost forgot to get a shot of the cliff
It has given me relief from the sun each day that I have been here
It is so much cooler by this cliff
it feels so good after 4 miles to hang out here for a bit before heading back.
It almost feels as if it has it's own micro-climate
It is also were I have seen tons of dolphins.
: )

Time to take a break
This was my fourth time doing this coastal run
but the first time I decided to bring a camera, and relax.
: )

Taking a sun bathing break at Reef Point
Sweaty, happy gal trying to get rid of some tan lines
while taking a terrible self-pic.
; )

Airing out the tootsies!
Uh oh
those ankle tan lines need some help!

Hot Diggity Damn!
This is the way to enjoy a January Day!
: )
It's January days like this that makes living in Southern California

Yes, Life is Good
: )



  1. I found my way over here from The Sean's blog - great blog you have here. I hope those trails have opened back up by now.

  2. Hi GeorgiaSnail!
    Thanks so much for reading! Can't wait to check yours out! : )
    Finally got to hit the trails yesterday! It was beautiful! Will be posting soon! : )