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Remembering that Facebook Note "25 Things"

Originally Posted as
"By Popular Demand...25 Random Melissa Facts"
since that note was posted
so many wonderful things on the list have been realized
I cannot wait to see what 2011 has in store for Us
: )
this picture was from NYE
Who knew that the next NYE at Bashan would be so important
in my decision making for
Here are the "25 Random Melissa Facts"
1. I want to have a beautiful edible garden that has more than just the regular rosemary, lavender, basil, sage, chives and thyme that I’ve always had.

2. I love waking up before the sunrise. I am such a morning person but I don’t like to talk first thing in the morning. I will happily stay up late into the night when I have been inspired by something wonderful and want to enjoy it more…I will still wake before the dawn even if I went to bed just an hour before sunrise.

3. Most people know my social side. Most people do not know that I crave solitude.

4. I love my “scent” after backpacking alone on Santa Rosa Island for 4 days…nothing is more beautiful than 4 days with a beach all to myself and the ocean as my bath…I come home smelling and feeling like heaven. I have done this 4 time since 2000 and will be doing it again soon. Mister Matthew Mascaro, where are those pictures you took of me when I came back from the island the last time?

5. I usually prefer dining alone 90% of the time in order to give a thoughtfully prepared meal my full attention. Anyone who has dinned with me is someone that I hold in high regard and brings something extra special to the experience.

6. I miss my Mom, My Grama, and Claude Thompson so much lately. 3 very important people who have had such an impact on me. How I wish I could just talk to them and hear their voices. I’ve been dreaming of my Grama so much lately.

7. My brother is more important to me than anyone will ever know. I have lost my Mom, my Grama, and some very important people in my life, but I have no clue what I would do if I ever lost my Brother. He is a wonderful man and someone I would choose as my friend if I had met him on the street.

8. I cry every time I watch an episode of Cold Case, Ghost Whisperer, and Kimba the White Lion. I am such a sap.

9. I loved dancing and singing for Andy Williams in Branson, Mo. I miss the Ozarks more than I would have ever expected. If it weren’t for that show, I never would have become such an amazing outdoors(wo)man. : )

10. I had always wanted a pair of diamond earrings and was going to buy myself a pair for my 27th birthday…I bought a kayak instead and never regretted it. I still want a pair of diamond earrings but I get to kayak every weekend or whenever the urge hits me. I have owned 3 kayaks in my life…only two remain.

11. I worked as a dancer on a Carnival Cruise ship…the only contract job I’ve ever quit. What a nightmare.

12. I’ve been the “Doll in a Box” as a Magician’s Assistant.

13. I’ve spent 1 month in Tasmania as Wilderness Medical Support for a Climbing Expedition. I can’t wait to go back…such an amazing place. Pristine nature, organic food, humanely raised livestock, and some of the best mushrooms, dairy, fish, wine I have ever eaten.

14. I have no regrets that I’ve not yet been married. I’ve been fortunate enough to have experienced glorious amounts of romance during my traveling days. Kisses atop glaciated mountains in Tasmania, 2 gents at one time following me across the country trying to win my affection, flights to LV for amazing 13 course meals and Jimmy Choos, songs written for me, dishes made for the menus of amazing restaurants in order to woo me, a fine man who hiked 15 miles to bring me a bottle of wine and then sent a Coast Guard boat to bring me back to the island the next week for my dream meal…I don’t know any women who can say they’ve experienced spontaneous “romance”. I will be married to a wonderful man someday. I can’t wait to find out who it will be.

15. I slept in a tent behind a kayak shop in Key Largo for 3 months in order to have access to the kayaks. It was an amazing summer (even with all the mosquito bites). I lived off $7,000.00 that year and I was the healthiest I had ever been.

16. 8 years ago when I was trying to figure out what to do when I could no longer be a dancer, I did some career counseling sessions with Career Transitions for Dancers…I listed my main priorities for my next career to be: #1. I do not want to have to wear shoes to work. #2. I want to be able to get paid to sweat and stay in shape. #3. I want to be able to eat, drink, and travel thanks to my new career. Life is sweet. Remember y’all, you can have what you want. : )

17. I have tons of pillows in my house and on my bed but I do not use a pillow for sleeping.

18. I love it when my man places his hand on my face…it is such a sweet gesture and the fact that I want his hand there says so much about him.

19. I’ve lived alone since I was 17. I’ve never lived with a roommate, a boyfriend, or anyone else. The only person I will live with is the man I marry and any children or pets we will be blessed with.

20. I hate dusting but I enjoy vacuuming.

21. I sleep flat on my back, hands right by my side, or on my hip bones if I am cold, I do not move , and do not have to make my bed in the morning…I just slide out of the covers and tidy them up a bit. I’ve woken up with my eye glasses still sitting perfectly poised on my chest after a 4 hour nap.

22. I sometimes wonder what it will feel like when I grow up. When do we know when we have?

23. When I had a bathtub I would love to soak in it while eating a bag of pork rinds, drinking a bottle of wine, and listening to Gene Kruppa and Anita Oday’s “Drummin’ Man.” Now, since I don’t have a tub, I just settle for a bottle of Bubbles and something salty and yummy like bacon, eggs, and tatertots!

24. I am afraid of heights.

25. I cannot wait to share a home with a wonderful man who inspires me, will grow with me, challenges me, and will be happy eating the wonderful meals I will be cooking with the beautiful things that I will grow in my garden.
These "25 Random Melissa Facts"
were originally posted
 on Monday, August 31, 2009 at 4:55pm
So much has stayed the same

Happily, so much has changed
Stay tuned for the next post for the
2010 Recap!
Happy New Year!
: )

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