Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Trust the Process...

“Trust the process…” That is what I must do.
I have been an instructor, teacher, and motivator to many amazingly capable people over the years. My work in the health and fitness industry has put me in the position to impact many people’s lives in a positive way.
The experiences I enjoy while working in the health and fitness industry continue to reward me daily. Last night was no exception. However, I was not rewarded while working with a client or by doing some insanely challenging workout, I received my gift by realizing that I needed to practice what I preach:
“Trust the process…”
Oh, how many times have I spoken those words to my clients over the years! 
Now it’s my turn to “trust the process.”
Clients come to me thinking that I have the answers they need. These people trust me with their lives. They share their secrets, their insecurities, and they are willing to have me be the witness to their weaknesses. Little do they know, it is not answers they seek from me, it is the experience of being capable of achieving what they have been too frightened to tackle. I am their guide, their mentor, and their educator; the one who will dish out tough love when they want to give up. I am the one who guides them through the process enough times till the process becomes a habit, then a lifestyle. I am the one who will be there at the finish line, and will always be available when they need help getting back on track.
Since establishing myself as a business owner, the creator of Controlled Burn Fitness, and a driving force in the health and fitness industry, not once have I questioned my knowledge, my process, or my ability to help my clients achieve their health and fitness goals. Not once have I been intimidated by training highly educated business people, peers in the health and fitness industry, or Olympic athletes. Not once have I lacked confidence while being measured up to other fitness professionals, nor have I questioned my ability to successfully convey the knowledge I possess.
So why did I have a moment last night where I was petrified?
The answer:
Because I was/am in school/college. 
School/college is the one place I have failed. L
My clients’ successes give me so much pride.
I am proud, not only of their accomplishments, but I am also proud of what I have accomplished. My client’s successes are the fruit of what I have created. It is my process that they have trusted, and it is their success that validates what I do.
I have to trust the process my professor is helping me with in order to succeed in this program. I have to trust this process will help illuminate my strengths, showcase my knowledge, and nurture my ability to complete these papers.
A healthy, happy and fit lifestyle cannot be handed to a client in the form of answers. Just like I cannot expect my professor to hand me the answers on how to edit and make decisions with revisions.
A healthy, happy and fit lifestyle is attained through experience. Finishing the first PLAP and subtopic was a great experience-a bit frightening, definitely and education, but still, a great experience.
Nothing makes me happier than to witness my clients’ progress throughout their process, and to see them become strong, capable, and trusting in their own self worth, physical ability and discipline.
I am continually rewarded by the joy the process of positively impacting their lives always brings to me, and I trust that my professor has my best interest and success in mind while helping us through this process.
-Melissa Adylia Calasanz
-Melissa Adylia Gutierrez
Learning Process Paper from PPA LEAP100 Course

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