Sunday, January 1, 2012

Head for the Hills at 10am on Monday January 2nd

Hike one of my favorite trails in Orange County!
Feel free to Run, Walk, Hop, Skip, Jump, or Crawl your way
along a beautiful trail with amazing views.
Mountain bikers are welcome along the trail too.

There is a big map board at the trail head.
Pretty hard to get lost.
I will be heading off at 10am from the trail head at Coastal Peak Park off Ridge Park Road.
Click here for the Google Map Thingie to find your directions.
Parking is free and there are nice, clean bathrooms and drinking fountains.
Each man, woman, and imaginary friend for themselves.
Sorry, no pets allowed on the trail.
There are endless options for distances and directions, so choose your own adventure but plan wisely.
Bring your sunscreen, water, snacks, and anything else you think will make your day enjoyable.
I will most likely do a walk/run/scamper at a turtle pace.

My buddy Efrain will most likely run like a maniac.
No matter what, just take your time, go at your own pace.

This is a totally non-formal hike. I'm not responsible for anyone. I am off the clock at 8am and will just be out there enjoying the day, and hopefully the company of others who just want to get outside, move their legs, and breath some fresh air.
However, if anyone wants to do a stretch session when you are done, bring a yoga mat and we can meet up on the grass by the nice, clean bathrooms and drinking fountains.

I will most likely go kayaking after the trail, so if anyone is interested in joining me on the water, you can rent form Newport Aquatic Center or Southwind Kayak. Feel free to google the places to find them.

Happy New Year Everyone!

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