Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Super Moon Kayaking 2013

Full Moon Kayaking
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I've had the pleasure of enjoying many sunsets and full moons while sitting in my kayak in the Upper Newport Back Bay, and I couldn't wait to do it again. I was really excited to go kayaking for the SUPER MOON, but even more excited because my husband was going to be joining me!

Disciplined Indulgence
Mr. & Mrs. Andrew and Melissa Calasanz
 We were super thrilled that a few more people were going to be joining us! Our friend Mike Epler was surprising his beautiful wife Helene with a sunset kayaking trip for their 29th wedding anniversary, along with the super-talented Brynne Cogorno of  Backward Prints .

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L-R: Brynne, Melissa, Andrew, Mike, Helene
Andrew hadn't gone kayaking since our wedding on July 1st, 2011. 
I was so excited to see him out on the water again. :)

Controlled Burn Fitness Disciplined Indulgence
"Where are the breaks on this thing?!?"
Mister Andrew Calasanz getting acquainted with the kayak he gave to me for my birthday.
After just a few moments,
Andrew was ready to catch the sunset!

Controlled Burn Fitness Kayaking Disciplined Indulgence
One of the most wonderful views I've enjoyed in a long time!
My husband in a kayak, ready to watch the sunset with me on a full moon evening!

Controlled Burn Fitness Full Moon Kayaking Sunset Disciplined Indulgence
It was a beautiful sunset

Controlled Burn Fitness Sunset SUPER MOON Kayaking Disciplined Indulgence
The tide was high and we had a great time!
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