Monday, November 8, 2010

Beautiful Bird

When the weather cools down
I love to turn on the oven and cook amazing meals

Lately, the weather has been hit or miss
One day it's freezing
(by my SoCal standards, anything below 70 should be against the law)
the next day,over 80 degrees

I love a perfectly cooked chicken
Paired with roasted veggies and a glass of bubbly

Last Friday,
The weather was in my favor!
: )

First Step
Start with the best ingredients

I Grabbed this beautiful bird at my favorite Butcher Shop
in Los Feliz, CA
Simply, Cut up some veggies and aromatics
Throw in a Pyrex dish
Place birdie on top after stuffing it with some of the veggies and aromatics
Smear the skin with delicious butter, salt, pepper, and garlic
Top with herbs
Put in oven

Take your time preparing your side dishes
and cleaning the kitchen

Here is your reward
A Beautiful Bird!
I could stare at this all day
but I'd prefer eating it

Crispy Skin
Juicy Meat
A Perfect plate of dark meat
Served with rice, roasted carrots and garlic, and steamed spinach

A Perfect plate of white meat
Served with rice, roasted carrots and garlic, and steamed spinach
I love adding roasted Shallots, yellow onions, thyme, and sage

Served up with my favorite view
Mister Andrew C enjoying one of my home cooked meals
along with his favorite garnishes
Slowly toasted green onions, garlic, shallots, and yellow onions

Dinner was amazing
Had to make a plate for Andrew to take for lunch the next day.

Thank you McCalls for another perfect bird.
Can't wait to rock the chicken stock I made with the bones and make some risotto this week!

I welcome everyone to share your favorite way of preparing a chicken.
: )

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