Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Post 1/2 Marathon Disciplined Indulgent Treat

Sunday, October 24th
I "ran"

I Love this pic!
This pic was Courtesy of Louis Kwan.
You can view a ton more pics from the Los Angeles Rock n Roll 1/2

I was craving something super delicious
as a treat to celebrate a few long weeks of training clients and completing this 1/2 Marathon, completely unprepared, over trained, and utterly exhausted.

Sometimes I crave some "interesting" things after a long run
Cold pizza and beer
really hit the spot after the
(June 2010)

After this 1/2 Marathon, I was craving something a little more indulgent.
Marrow Bones!

But first, I had to make a quick pit stop to one of my all time favorite places 
for a shrimp taco before heading to my other post-run-standby
for a large order of Sizzling Rice Soup!

After taking care of serious business
Saying hello to the most wonderful fish taco stand owner, Joseph Cordova, and eating my favorite immediate-post-run-snack
and heading to Chi Dynasty for my Sizzling Rice Soup
I headed towards

My Meaty Mecca
to grab some

Placed them atop some foil on a baking sheet,
sprinkled them with flake salt and some freshly ground pepper
and surrounded them with fresh sage from my garden
and let them get all toasty

Served them with toasted whole grain bread
and a bottle of bubbly

What more could a gal ask for?

Toasted Shallots, Garlic, and Onions!

...for the amazing Cod
Also picked up from McCall's!

Of course, I had to throw in some pretty heirloom tomatoes
for color, flavor, texture, and nutritional value

All served up with my favorite view
Mister Andrew C, enjoying a meal cooked up by little ol' me
: )

He loved the bones
and the pretty fish as much as I did!

What do you enjoy after a run?


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