Saturday, October 23, 2010

Quality vs Quantity

You'll find the best quality Meats and Fish at
And you'll leave with a really cute bag filled will amazingly delicious treats.
This bag had the prettiest piece of Salmon and a split Marrow Bone.

Some of you know that salmon is my least favorite fish.
I have the hardest time finding High Quality, FRESH salmon, so I am usually turned off by salmon...

If Salmon is even a hint low rent
it tastes and smells like broke-down-stripper-a**!
And it's usually hard to tell if you're really getting good salmon because, just like "broke-down-stripper a**", many sins can be covered with good lighting and all kinds of other smoke and can't always tell till it's too late.

I was in the neighborhood today
visiting the gang at A Runners Circle to pick up my "Potty Like a Rock Star Pass", courtesy of Brooks, for the The Los Angeles Rock n Roll 1/2 Marathon when the gang from Heartbeat House called me and asked if I could teach the 4pm Contemporary Dance Class.

I had been thinking of grabbing marrow bones from McCall's
for the last 3 weeks
but time and traffic just hadn't been on my side.

Today was my lucky day!
I was going to have a little extra cash in hand from teaching the class
so I had to go to McCall's.

I was really craving a piece of fish for dinner tonight.
I was feeling hopeful and was praying that they'd have the best of both worlds:
Marrow bones
and they did!

Even though Salmon rarely makes me smile,
I was smiling the moment I saw it in the display case...the skin looked so good.

Sorry there is no pic of the skin
I toasted it and ate it before taking the pic...what can I say, I have no restraint.

I had to keep it simple
Crisped up some of my favorite ingredients

Placed the pretty fish on top
and baked it at 325degress with a sprinkle of flake salt and freshly ground pepper.
I forgot to take a pictures after adding the heirloom tomatoes
they were baked with the fish

Served the fish over Jade Pearl Rice
and sprinkled with fresh chives

Topped it off with one of my favorite Cavas
which I picked up from my all time favorite boutique wine shop
A perfect meal for the evening before a 1/2 Marathon
: )

What is your favorite meal the night before a big run?

The Salmon was
I wish I saved some for breakfast!

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