Saturday, October 9, 2010

Happy Wine for a Happy Dinner

Friday, September 30th
Happy Wine from a Happy Friend to Celebrate a Happy Engagement Enjoyed with a Happy "Dinner and A Movie Night at Chez Calasanz"

On Thursday, September 30th, 2010, the wonderful gang from
threw a little party after the Thursday night Fun Run for the two of us in celebration of our recent Engagement.
Notice the devilish gal in the background?
That's Tricia. 
She's a hoot! The Hostess with the most-est! And she is the one who inspired our Friday dinner by sending us home with two bottles of wine that evening.
Feel free to check out more pics from the night at A Runners Circle.

Started making dressing for the salads.
I use avocados as the base for my dressing.
They are an excellent way to get your good fats, fiber,
and delicious flavor to stick to your lettuces.
And yes, I freshly grind my pepper for all of our meals.

Chopping some radicchio, purple cabbage, and radishes. 
 Add as much natural color to a salad (or any meal for that matter) to ensure that you are getting a variety of flavors, textures, and nutrients.
Plus, all those colors make any meal look pretty snazzy.
: )

Notice the 5 Favorite Ingredients in the background?
: )

I could look at this colorful salad all day.

What do you love to put in your salads?

 I wasn't joking about the "Happy Wine"
How can you not smile with a bottle smiling back at you
and a table full of colorful goodness
: )

The Menu
Spicy Garlic/Ginger Shrimp over Jade Pearl Rice and Steamed Spinach
Served with Baby Romain lettuce salad with fresh carrots, cabbage, radish, tomatoes, radicchio, and avocado dressing

Andrew is in charge of all the heavy lifting in our house
The glass on the left is filled with Barley Tea
The one on the right is the Happy Wine
: )

 Thanks Andrew, for filling my glass...
 ...and for the nice view across the table
: )

Such class
We took the wine to watch the movie along with some pop corn.
The wine worked well to cut the heat of the spicy shrimp and did a fine job with the saltiness of the pop corn
Thanks Tricia!
: )

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