Friday, October 8, 2010

5 Favorite Ingredients and then some...

I've been accused of many things, but boring is not one of them.
My choice of flavors can also never be accused of being boring thanks to the 5 ingredients that always seem  to find their way into my dishes.

The 5 Usual Suspects for Flavor
From left to right:
Garlic; Ginger; Green Onions; Shallots; White or Yellow Onions
I love to use all these wonderfully flavorful ingredients for almost all of my favorite dishes.
I love them raw in my quinoa salad (minus the ginger); I love to saute or sweat them when I make my shrimp dishes; I use them in soups; they are the ultimate ingredients in many of my baked fish dishes, or chicken dishes; they are excellent ingredients to add to any salad dressing.
The options are endless.

I love Cucumbers!
I Can't get enough of them!
I eat about 4 cucumbers a week.
They add crunch, they are so refreshing, and the have a high water content and loads of potassium.
I add them to my salads, to my quinoa, to my tuna, and I love to have them nearby to cool off my mouth when I've made an exceptionally spicy dish.

Tomatoes are Wonderful!
They add color, flavor, and possess many health benefits.
You'll notice that tomatoes make an appearance at almost all of my should invite them to your dinners too!

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