Saturday, October 16, 2010

Magic Tuna?

"Magic Tuna" isn't really magic
and it doesn't come out of this totally cute can
But it really is good, good for you, and tastes great!

As the Owner/Personal Trainer of The Controlled Burn Fitness Studio
it is may passion to share with my clients that health and fitness go hand in hand with what we eat.

My dear client and great friend Kelly Turgeman... the Owner of  The Pilates Body in Glendale...
We find ourselves talking about food quite often when I'm kicking her booty in a Personal Training Session.

We both know the importance of a meal that will fuel our body to endure intense workouts; but both of us don't have much time between clients to prepare an elaborate meal; we also know how hard it is to workout if a meal leaves us feeling stuffed, heavy, bloated, and uncomfortable; and we both love fresh and delicious meals that have flavor and are good to eat at any time of the day or night.

So what does the above have to do with "Magic Tuna"?
Since Kelly and I are committed to include delicious, balanced meals that will  nutritionally fuel/replenish our body to to help us stay focused and energized throughout the day and during our workouts, it's no wonder that we both came up with our own version of a dish that includes tuna and many similar ingredients.

That's where the Magic Tuna comes in
and this is how my "Magic Tuna" begins.
Yes, a can of ghetto tuna, which can be purchased at Target for cheaper than anywhere other than Costco.

The large bowl is filled with 3 stalks of diced celery, a diced English cucumber (sometimes a whole one if I am out of celery-sometimes a half), and some chopped purple cabbage.
Kelly likes to put curry and other delicious spices in her recipe. I love curry in mine too, along with red onions and all the other goodies, but then my clients wouldn't really like me if I ate that before seeing them.
She also puts a bit of a "Mediterranean" spin on hers too. When you visit her at The Pilates Body, ask her for her recipe.

There is
when it comes to my love and use of
"Magic Tuna"
and egg salad are the only things I use mayo for, since I rarely ever eat sandwiches, and what else is mayo good for anyway?

I usually put 1 big tablespoon in mine, then mix it up along with some salt and freshly groun pepper.
Kelly HATES mayo...not for any dietary reasons, she just thinks it's gross so she sometimes uses plain Greek yogart (yum!)

I love to serve it with a few slices of toasted Millet and Rice Mana Bread

So, getting to the point
"Magic Tuna" got it's name over the years of training Kelly. Some days she would come in with such amazing energy and she was unstoppable. I began to see a pattern when I looked at her charts-I always ask about my clients meals to see how their energy level and mental clarity are affected by their food choices.
On the days where she completely kicked A**, she had eaten some tuna salad.
I told her how when I make my tuna salad, I have the best days too.
We started calling it "Magic Tuna" after that.

I would love to hear about the "Magic Dish" that helps you stay fueled, focused and ready to work hard.

Wishing you a Happy and Healthy Day!


  1. I love the idea of Mapping your Food's Effects on performance to find Your Best fuel Sources!!!

    Mine would have to Be eating some "Magic Grass Fed Beef" Whether I'm running a Tough workout or a Marathon, I make sure to rock out 6-8 ounces of the stuff about 12Hours in advance!!

    Thanks for the Post:-)

  2. Girl, I did not even know you had this awesome blog. I am always looking for fitness/health blogs to inspire me that aren't trying to sell you something. Just added you to my regular reading. And the recipe looks like perfect lunch on the road recipe. I take my lunch everyday & might be taking this tomorrow.

  3. David: do you eat the meat with any carbs/complex carbs or just go straight for the cow?
    Food, she thought: thank so much for reading. I would love to test drive some of your recipes (esp from your luxury dinner party) on my endurance : )
    David: this
    a read
    you will be drooling for sure!