Monday, December 27, 2010

Bar Snacks 12/12/2010

Cute snacks for cute guests
go great with a  BIG bottle of Sake!
Prepared for Erin and Ann
on Sunday, 12/12/2010
 : )
One does not have to slave over a hot stove for hours
to make their guests feel appreciated.
This quick little snack
was put together in as much time that it took for Erin, Ann, and Andrew
 to head to the 99Ranch Market (2 miles away)
to pick up the BIG bottle of Sake.

I figured these little treats would do the job
to hold them till I prepared the

Cute little deviled quail eggs
topped with caviar and chives
served with
garlicky/buttery toasts, cold sake, and cold beer.
I love
our  Kitchen "bar" at "Chez Calasanz"

: )

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