Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Good Food is Cheap and Easy and Healthy and Delicious!

You are What You Eat
I guess that makes me
Good, Cheap and Easy
Healthy and Delicious!
; )

All this for only

People who say eating healthy is too expensive are just
too darned lazy or lacking in imagination.
Fruits and Veggies are super cheap, super good for you, fill you up,
and don't require much to make them taste good.
If all else fails, just wash em, peel em, steam them if you have to, and just
All this food lasted us (2 people) 5 days with at least 2-3 meals a day, each!
There were added grains and lean protein to most of the meals.

That's one friggin long receipt!

Imagine, if you went to a regular super market and bought that many items,
it would have cost you at least $100.
Not to mention, all the items would have come in useless packaging
(how wasteful!)
and lots of sodium, preservatives, and most likely, high fructose corn syrup!

First 1/2 of goodies' receipt

On this evening,  fresh shrimp was added to the veggies which included rice
with lots of onions, green beans, carrots, and spinach.

Beautiful food, makes beautiful meals.
Look at all the colors!

Add a glass of bubbly to any meal and it becomes a special occasion.
Why wait for a holiday to celebrate saving money and eating healthy and delicious meals!?

especially when they look and taste this great!
$8.00 worth of shrimp made enough for the two of us to enjoy a delicious dinner
(we both had 2nds)
and have left overs for the next day!
The Perfect Center Piece!
Fruits and veggies are so colorful and will brighten any dining area.
They are also a beautiful reminder that you love and respect your health
and the health of the ones who eat your meals.

Wishing y'all a life full of Happy and Healthy Meals!

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