Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Super Wet and Super Fun!

Finally catching up on posting now that I am on winter break.
Classes begin again in Feb.
So, here is one of the highlights since I've been gone.

Santa Monica Mountains Ultra November 20, 2011

Drove to the start super early in the morning.
Snuggled up in the back of the 4Runner aka  "The WarmMobile"
 in my snuggly sleeping bag and down jacket for an hour and a half nap.
Woke up and rummaged through my stuff to find all the stuff I was gonna wear in the rain.

I did the 18k and had the best time on the trails!

Someone I know said "those hills look like boobies"
; )

18.57k = 11.53 miles

18k was the Pink Loop

Got my under-clothes on.
Got my number.
Hmm, not sure where to put it since it was pouring outside and I wasnt about to poke holes in my gortex jacket.

Before the run with one of the sweetest gals ever!
Somehow this pic makes it look like a sunny day...not. It was raining and it got heavier as the day went on.
With Lori and her gang before the run.

Run was fueled by a dinner that was super-nutrient dense and delicious

4oz of Salmon, rice, and veggies eaten at 9:45pm

Hydration is the Key!
; )

Yep, I'm all about hydration...
especially when there are bubbles involved!
; )

I really want one of those coasters!
I promised if they did a 50k in Crystal Cove, it will be my 1st!

Frozen toes + wet + dirty clothes =
Ingredients for a great day on the trails!

Enjoyed the trails in my Tevas and a pair of socks.
Felt Great!
No breakfast.
Just 1/2 a bottle of Perrier and 1/2 a Kombucha
It was a very good day!


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