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Budget's Tight but the Meal's Alright! Dinner and a Movie at "Chez Calasanz" September 11th, 2010

We have plans. Lots of plans.
We will both be running the Napa Marathon in March 2011. Andrew will be doing the Boston Marathon in 2011 and he wants to take me with him.  We want to do the Tokyo Marathon. AND the Paris Marathon. We will do the Montana De Oro Ultra in February 2011, and who knows how many other adventures.
These plans cost money!

Here's Our 401K plan
We've each got one our nightstands
I know how to live on a tight budget without having to sacrifice a good meal.
Mister Andrew Calasanz is getting to reap the benefits of my frugality and my love for cooking healthy, inexpensive, beautiful meals.

I had to learn to make and save money between gigs during my years as a professional dancer. 
I held many jobs.
Some of my favorite jobs revolved around the food and wine industry.
I've worked as a caterer; a catering assistant; food stylist with some of the most amazing LA Chefs who were having their food photographed for events and reviews; a bartender; personal chef; and I was also a Salaried Kayak Instructor/Guide in charge of the Food and Wine Pairings for our Sunset Paddles.
These jobs helped me learn how to prepare healthy, beautiful food on a tight budget, in some of the most random conditions.
Have you ever tried to prepare a meal for 12 guests while in a kayak in the middle of a turbulent lake?
Well, I have.
Since we want to save money,  really enjoy great food and wine, and I love to cook, I've promised to keep our daily food budget to $40 per week.
The $40 includes food for the two of us for our breakfasts, lunches, snacks, and dinners.
Yes, it can be done, and it's even cheaper when you eat the way we do...healthy.
Our dinner and movie nights are our little splurge since popped corn and bubbly is not covered in the budget nor is the movie rental.
Thank goodness for Redbox!

Here's our 1st  of many "Dinner and a Movie Night at Chez Calasanz"

Fixing the "Fixings" for Dinner & Movie Night at Chez Clasanz
: )
Prepping the Salad
Heirloom tomatoes, basil, buffalo mozzarella bocconcini on butter lettuces and raddicio
So simple, so pretty, so tasty.
Slicing cucumbers for the meal and sliced plouts for dessert
Fresh fruit not only looks good and tastes good, it's good for you and inexpensive
The Complete Meal
Baked Halibut with spinach, garlic, ginger, green onions, shallots, and citrus.
Served over Jade Pearled Rice.
Served with Heirloom tomatoes, basil, and buffalo mozzarella bocanccini on butter lettuces and raddicio, and Chopped Cucumbers
Every table needs fresh fruit
Every meal becomes a celebration with bubbly!
One of my favorite views in life is looking across our dining table to see Mister Andrew Calasanz enjoying a meal that I prepared for us in our kitchen.
A colorful salad with fresh ingredients can stand alone, looks impressive, but wont break the bank..
Uh, I guess I ate it all...
That smile is why I love to cook
Andrew getting set to attack his 2nd plate.
Plates prepped for our dinners the next day, along with lunches packed in containers
What's in your fridge?
Movie Time!
Nothing's better than watching a movie in your PJs, except doing it with bubbly, popcorn, and a fine date!
Bubbly is even more enjoyable when you know you don't have to drive home.
 Bubbly with a Calvados Night Cap

Menu Price Breakdown
Fish: $12
This got us enough fish for our meal on that night (including Andrews 2nds) and 3 extra meals. 
(if you choose to go to 99 Ranch Market, you can get the same amount for about $7)
Veggies & Fruit $14
from Growers Direct, including Heirloom Tomatos and Pluots that lasts us 4 days for all meals.
Rice: $1.50
I buy my Jade Pearled Rice in Bulk from Whole Foods. This happens to be a pretty pricy rice, but way worth it. This batch was on sale and I bought a ton. It came down to about $1.50 for this meal with leftovers for 2 meals the next day.
Popped Corn: $2.99
Pack of 8 at Target
Bottle of Bubbly
$72.42 which includes our date night treats and food for the week for 2 people!
 We saved a lot of money staying in for our dinner and a movie.
Eat healthy! Save Money!

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  1. I love it. The pricing is fun too!! This really shows how we can save money making gourmet meals at home....xoxoxo
    Steph Hosack