Monday, September 27, 2010

It's Hot! I'm Hungry...and I guess, Thirsty...

September 27th, 2010
It's currently 81 degrees at "Chez Calasanz" in Anaheim, CA.
I woke up before my alarm because I was just too hot to sleep.
Alarm went off at 4:28am.
(Yes, I choose random times for my alarm...I'm sure you do a few odd things too)
Even with the super hot temps,
I had a great day thanks to training friggin'-fantastic clients who blew me away with how hard they worked in this insane weather.
The front of the , Controlled Burn Fitness Studio where I train my clients,  is one big window facing North East.
Lots of Sun throughout the entire day. 
The place barely cooled down no matter how hard I cranked the AC-and I had it on since 6am!
Ugggggggg...I dread the DWP bill!

As you can see,  "Chez Calasanz" is all windows too.
Thank goodness I don't throw stones.
Even if I did, don't worry, I've got terrible depth perception...I'd most likely hit myself before you.
To see more original pics of our super-cool place
feel free to check out the photo album on Facebook

 So, back to the point.
I'm hungry.

I trained clients; taught an amazingly intense, full body class; and finished with teaching my Bad-A**ed Monday 6:00pm "Pedal Precision" Indoor Cycling Class at Pedal Spin Studio.

Long day!

Hot Day!

Still, a Hot night!
And I'm not talking "Bow Chica Wow Wow" Hot.

Usually, I hang out after class with Mister Paul Smedly, who has a strange aversion to "imaginary" cats named Prince Rupert...little does Paul know how real Prince Rupert is.

Yikes, where's "the point"?

Here it is...I was super hungry when I got home since I didn't hang with Paul to enjoy a meal at one of our local "Post-Pedal-Spin-Torture-Fests-Food-Favorites" like India's Flavor or Wacky Wok.

Sooooooooooo...I had to rustle up a snack that was hearty, easy, and didn't require the use of a stove top (there's a big secret hidden there...I'll tell you later) nor an oven, cuz "it's too darned hot!"
So, what did I do?

Forgive me.
Not only a "terrible picture" but a pretty sad idea.
But at least I took care of my complex carbs with my whole grain bread (4g fiber), protein/dairy (ghettto cheddar from TJs)...right?

But wait!
BUBBLY makes everything better!
Decided to do a "taste test" of which bottle of bubbly tastes better after a couple of days of being opened.
Easily the "JANSZ" that I picked up from Anne's Boutique Wines won, hands down!
It rocked our "Ghetto Gourmet Ramen Night" and had given me the "I don't know what" to deal with the heat for the time being.

Oh wait, Porky Bits are a pretty good idea too, right?
Post-Long-Day-of Training-Teaching-Sweating in Super-Hot-Temps-Snack...

meal not suggeted to meet daily requirements of essential nutrients...however, it may meet the dietary guidelines for someone who's brain has melted in this heat, and loves bubbly.


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  1. I love the pics. I think its ok to eat bad sometimes. But this looks like a daily ritual for me.. Bubbly and bread and cheese..LOL