Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sweet Surprises Make Me Want to Bake Sweet Treats!

Every day should be a journey.

Tuesday, September 21st, marks the beginning of a new and wonderful journey that I am thrilled to share with Mister Andrew Calasanz.
The Man who has made so many of my dreams come true.
He is the most wonderful friend, passionate partner, and athletic inspiration.
He has provided me the love, respect, and security
to live our dream of a healthy, happy, and active life.
We have our small edible garden and an amazing kitchen where I can experiment with all the beautiful ingredients mother nature provides for us.
I am so proud to be the woman behind such a wonderful man and to have such a wonderful man who is willing to eat all the "experiments" that come out of our kitchen.

This is the beginning of an edible journey that I am happy to share with whomever is interested.


Tuesday, September 21st

Baked Plums with Brandy, Brown Sugar, Ginger, and Lime. 
I baked some plums drowned in a bit of Brandy, Sugar in the Raw, Chopped Raw Ginger, and a squeeze of lime.
I browned butter and pie crust in the bottom of ramekins.
I filled the ramekins with the plums,
placed pie crust cut-outs on top, then sprinkled with sugar.
I baked till crust was crispy enough...I would have waited longer but I really wanted to eat one.

No, there is no recipe.
As with 99% of the treats you'll see here, I become inspired by what's in my fruit bowls, vegetable drawers.
I sniff, touch, and taste till I am satisfied.
I encourage you to do the same.

These sweet little treats were inspired by the wonderful surprise my wonderful man bestowed upon me at 6am that morning.

No, not a little box...I didn't even see that till after the surprise, since he happened to be wearing it before he gave it to me.
: )

I take even worse pictures of beautiful gifts.
Aquamarine and diamonds set in Platinum.
Everything I asked for and given to me by the Most Wonderful Man I Know.
: )

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