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Weekly Reflection Paper No. 3 of 10

Calasanz.MelissaAdylia 1
 Saint Mary's College of California
LEAP 198 Senior Project 
Student Supervisor of the Glendale Community College
Survey of Dance Teaching Methodology Class

Weekly Reflection Paper No. 3
Reflecting on recent tasks completed for my internship as the Supervisor for the DANCE 107 Survey of Dance Teaching Methodology Class, fills me with pride and a tremendous sense of accomplishment. However, the reflection also brings with it feelings of frustration and a bit of sadness.
Each task I have completed, whether it is doing research regarding what is required of a dance educator seeking employment in public and private schools, or at the community college level; preparing a document for the students of the DANCE 107 class; or completing my reflection papers; each task highlights my ability to accept and complete a challenge.
Though it has been quite challenging to juggle four academic classes, two internships, maintain communication with my personal training clients, and deal with driving over 45 miles in one direction, two days a week to get to my classes at Glendale Community College (fortunately the nutrition class I take is at Orange Coast College in Orange County, CA, only 20 miles from my home), all while nurturing a marriage, maintaining a home, and training and participating in half marathons, marathons and cycling events, it is proving to be so rewarding.
Rewards come from hard work. I was raised with the concept that hard work reaps rewards.  Unfortunately, working with the students of the Survey of Dance Teaching Methodology Class is bringing awareness to me that the majority of people under the age of twenty five have little to no work ethic. I believe this is due in part to the fact that many of these young adults were not raised with the same respect for work ethic as the people of my generation.
Though there are several very hard working students in the class who have welcomed the information Dora and I have been providing, and have been completing their assignments and fulfilling their obligations as students, the past week’s documents we provided (for their benefit!), were met with some criticism. My favorite criticism being, “you’re just giving us way too much information…it’s too much to take in…” Considering that only three weeks prior, this particular individual and several others had complained to me that “I have no idea what we are supposed to do…Dora hasn’t told us anything…she needs to give us something to follow…what does she mean for us to do about the lesson plans…”
Of course, Dora had provided plenty of information to guide the students on what to do in class. She also provided information on how and where to find information to help them to complete assignment and fulfill their obligations as students in the class. All the information she provided in class is the only information I received and used to research and create the “Dance Teaching Methodology Lesson Plan,” the “Dance Teaching Methodology Dance Standards Study Guide,” the “Dance Teaching Methodology Suggested Reading,”  document, and the “Dance/Fitness Certifications and Continuing Education Resources for Dance/Fitness Instructors” documents.
Though I was a bit stunned, even put off by the reaction of the students to “all the information you keep throwing at us…” Dora was very reassuring and helped to bring my focus on the students who have been welcoming and using the information to their benefit. She also addressed the subject in class with all of the students which I believe will make a difference in the engagement and work ethic of a few more. I sure hope so, since the information I provided in the “Bio/Professional Summary Worksheet” and the “Bio/Resume Portfolio Prep” documents I created this week is really going to impact their performance in an exciting activity I’m preparing for them: a mock audition and workshop with Jim Keith and Jackie Sleight from The Movement Talent Agency.

3. Calasanz.MelissaAdylia LEAP 198
Weekly Reflection Paper Senior Project GCC DANCE 107 Internship

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