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Weekly Reflection Paper No. 4 of 10

Calasanz.MelissaAdylia 1
 Saint Mary's College of California
LEAP 198 Senior Project 
Student Supervisor of the Glendale Community College
Survey of Dance Teaching Methodology Class

Weekly Reflection Paper No. 4
Last week’s frustration with the disinterest, as well as the lack of work ethic demonstrated by the students of the DANCE 107 Survey of Dance Teaching Methodology class, has been replaced with a clearer focus and intensified determination to get everything I can out of this internship experience.
Though the last discussion Dora and I had with the class appeared to be successful with several of the students, we realized that the information was not reaching the students who hadn’t been showing up to class. Dora and I discussed the matter a little more after class and we agreed that Moodle is definitely going to be useful in addressing this issue. However, we needed to find a way to address communication and accountability issues with the students immediately.
Dora suggested I create a document to send to the students, outlining the issues of attendance and personal responsibility. That is all Dora had to tell me in order for me to create a document. Because, not only are all the expectations and responsibilities of the students clearly listed in the DACNE 107 syllabus that was handed out to each student the first week of class, Dora read the syllabus out loud to the class, and she kept referring to it for the first two weeks for “those of you who are new to Glendale College…who may have been late as you figured out traffic and parking…”
Attendance or lack thereof, is a huge issue at Glendale Community College. I happen to be enrolled in three classes at the college. I have been appalled by the amount of students who arrive late. Some arrive as late as 30-45 minutes into an hour and a half class! Most of the time, there are at least 1/3 of the seats empty until halfway through a class!
As a student, I have been observing how teachers deal with the situation of attendance and late assignments.  My HEALTH 104 professor, Coach Bryan Ramon, is very clear about it. When he’s gotten a question about when an assignment is due, a missed a test, or a missed class, etc., he answers simply: “We’ve gone over it in class, it’s in your syllabus, if you don’t have it, it’s on Moodle.” He doesn’t discuss it; he just moves on to the topic. Rob Kibler, my ART 111 professor is even less accommodating. I bet I’ve heard him say the following, at least ten times: “If you miss class, you miss the handouts. If you’re late, you miss the information. Tough! Not my problem. If you don’t care, why should I?” Oh, and if someone looks bored, he has no problem saying “How rude! What if I came to your house and looked bored like that while you were trying to tell me something. If I bore you, leave!” I think he’s my hero! J
With Dora’s guidance and support, as well as the great examples of the two wonderful professors I mentioned, I am even more motivated to find the most efficient means possible to best communicate with a younger generation; a generation that appears to have a much shorter attention span than the people with whom I am used to working. In fact, I’ve become so motivated I visited the Moodle Education center two weeks ahead of schedule.
I was able to meet with Connie Lantz, the Instructional Technology Support Specialist for Glendale College.  She set me up with a mock template so I could begin exploring Moodle’s features. That night, I stayed up until 2am inputting DANCE 107 assignments. It’s an incredibly user-friendly utility. Hopefully we can have the DANCE 107 class ready before next semester.
 In addition to all the fun I’ve been having with Moodle, I created the “DANCE 107 Survey of Dance Teaching Methodology Student Responsibilities & Accountability” and the “DANCE 107 Dance Audition Workshop Notice” documents. I am thrilled to have secured Jim Keith and Jackie Sleight to give these students a little dose of tough love and reality! J

I am hopeful the hard working students will continue to get all the materials they need, and hopeful the less motivated students will have no choice but to glean some information in the process. I am certain I am gaining tons of useful information! J

4. Calasanz.MelissaAdylia LEAP 198
Weekly Reflection Paper Senior Project GCC DANCE 107 Internship

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