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Weekly Reflection Paper No. 7 of 10

Calasanz.MelissaAdylia 1
 Saint Mary's College of California
LEAP 198 Senior Project 
Student Supervisor of the Glendale Community College
Survey of Dance Teaching Methodology Class

Weekly Reflection Paper No. 7
I am beaming with pride! First of all, I am thrilled to inform you that Dora approved of the “TEMPLATE DANCE 107 Midterm Portfolio Evaluation” template I put together. However, I am even more thrilled that she gave me the go-ahead to take a stab at evaluating the portfolios on my own so she can assess my ability to objectively assess student’s work.
I took the task very seriously; as seriously as if these were my students, and I would treat my students as fairly and considerately as Dora treats her students. I am proud to say I have had the honor to have learned from the best. (FYI, Dora did not take it easy on my twenty years ago when I was her ballet student, and she expects even more from me now as one of her academic students! And I am thankful!)
While evaluating each portfolio, I knew how important it was to hold each portfolio up to the standards that had been set from the beginning of the semester. I understood that though some of the students had more dance and professional work experience than others, I could not take that into consideration. It was my responsibility to remain focused on the standards outlined in the syllabus and conveyed by Dora to the students throughout the weeks leading up to the portfolio rough draft deadline.  What was required from each component of the portfolio in order for it to be considered acceptable had been explicitly conveyed, and I was not to lose focus of that.
I am happy to report that I did a mighty fine job! Dora approved of my evaluations: “Excellent (what else, this is YOU). I will miss you terribly when the semester is over. Dora…” and instructed me to put together the “DANCE 107 Midterm Portfolio Evaluation” document. I also went ahead and put each of the evaluated portfolios in order from highest awarded points to the lowest which can been seen in the document, “DANCE 107 Midterm Portfolio Evaluation Standings.” And to take it a bit further, I cut each “evaluation standing” out to be placed in each portfolio so Dora could write in final comments, grades, etc. Though Dora graded each portfolio individually for her records, following her own rubric, she informed me that she agreed with my evaluations and that I did a good job.
I loved the process of evaluation. Not only did it give me the opportunity to review my knowledge and expertise in creating a respectable professional portfolio, I had the opportunity to learn from Dora about the guidelines a college dance professor has to follow when creating rubrics, following them throughout the evaluative process, and how everything must coincide with the lesson plan and syllabi.
In addition to the midterm portfolio evaluations, I completed quite a bit of work. I prepared a written assignment for “Senior Dance” and the corresponding document, “DANCE 107 Written Assignment Senior Dance.” In addition to the senior assignment and document, I prepared a document for another senior-related assignment, “DANCE 107 Teaching Dance to Seniors,” which is designed for the students to apply information they learned during the “Written Assignment Senior Dance” assignment and apply it to creating a lesson plan appropriate for active adults age 55+. And though we thought of the “Interview a Dance Educator” assignment during the week of the audition workshop, we held off on creating the document “DANCE 107 Interview a Dance Educator” til now, and it will be sent out on the day the “Written Assignment Senior Dance” is due.
Though I am loving all the work, Dora told me to “take the rest of the week and the weekend off!” She’s going to take a break too! J

7. Calasanz.MelissaAdylia LEAP 198
Weekly Reflection Paper Senior Project GCC DANCE 107 Internship

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