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Weekly Reflection Paper No. 5 of 10

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 Saint Mary's College of California
LEAP 198 Senior Project 
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Survey of Dance Teaching Methodology Class

Weekly Reflection Paper No. 5
There is so much about this week that I’ve found to be enlightening, rewarding, and inspiring. As I’ve comfortably found my rhythm assisting Dora with clerical and administrative duties, notifying students of upcoming assignments, creating study guides, and anticipating transferring class content to Moodle, I spent quite a bit of time researching the lasted trends in the dance industry, and how the information relates to interviewing and auditioning for professional dance opportunities.
During my research, I stumbled upon the “Cedars-Sinai/USC Glorya Kaufman Dance Medicine Center “THE DANCER AS THE ULTIMATE ATHLETE AN INTERACTIVE CONFERENCE ON THE MERGING OF DANCE AND SPORTS.” I mentioned the event to Dora and was delighted that she was interested in attending.
According to the flyer, “The fourth annual conference is designed to bring together physicians, dancers and athletes to discuss the care, treatment and prevention of dance-related injuries. In addition to offering 11 breakout sessions, this year’s conference will also include a question and answer session with celebrity panelists Greg Louganis and Cathy Rigby,” however, Dora and I left the event with the same impression: it was an enjoyable event, but it provided nothing innovative in Sports/Dance/Medicine. In my opinion, it was just a bunch of fluff, offering little to no new insight on the care and prevention of dance-related injuries.
The Monday following the Cedar’s event, was the Dance Audition Workshop I helped to arrange for the students. It was led by Jim Keith, President/Partner/Agent of The Movement A Talent Agency, and Jackie Sleight, Choreographer, Director, and Educator. As I mentioned in previous Reflection Papers, much of the information I have complied and shared with the class has been met with underwhelming interest by some of the students. On the day of the audition, it was terribly obvious which students did not do their homework. In some cases, we wondered if they had even read the flyer. Thankfully, there were several students who obviously took the information to heart and did very well during the audition.
It was such an incredible experience to witness Jim and Jackie work as a team to give the students the cold hard fact of the dance and entertainment world. Jackie Sleight’s generosity and passion as an educator appeared to have a tremendous impact on the students. There is no doubt Jackie had an enormous impact on me. It was extremely humbling as well as empowering to have Jackie point to both me and Dora and say, “listen to what these two women have to say…they have so much information to give you…be greedy it take it all in…listen to what they have to say!” To be acknowledged by someone I admire, and respect, and studied with almost twenty years ago, was so inspiring.
Jackie’s acknowledgement, and working with the students to help prepare them to present a professional image as a dance educator or professional dancer, reminded me how important it is to practice what I preach. I realized I needed to start evaluating my experience and my credentials, and began working on updating my professional image. I worked on updating my website and resume-both of which I have neglected for the last two years while I have been in the LEAP Program. You can find my updated information at
By guiding the students who are hungry for success, I’ve realized how much I really miss working with people who are hungry to succeed and who embrace hard work and step up to challenges. Though I’ve discontinued working in-person with personal training clients for the last year, I began providing personalized online training plans; on-line and over the phone nutritional guidance; and have conducted coaching sessions over the phone; as well as continued to attend, participate in, and support clients at endurance events. I am now even more motivated to quickly finish my degree and get back to work. I miss making a difference! J

5. Calasanz.MelissaAdylia LEAP 198
Weekly Reflection Paper Senior Project GCC DANCE 107 Internship

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