Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Video: The Most Enjoyable Conversation I've Had in a Long Time

Just Me and My Body
It felt so good to move again... move in order to answer some very important questions

Below is the video to the 23 minute warm up of the 60 minute workout/conversation between me and my body.
The remaining workout can be viewed on 

Since I've been back in school, I haven't taken much time to practice what I move, for the sheer joy of move with intention yet without move where my body leads listen to my have that conversation with my body that it deserves...
...the conversations that starts with me asking my body:

"What do you need?"
and leads to:
"How can I make you feel better?"
"What will make you happy?"
"What can we do to make this morning as physically enjoyable as humanly possible?"
and my body answers:
"Move me."
"Make me sweat."
"Take inventory."
"I will tell you what I need."
"I will make us feel good."

Prior to beginning my summer semester, I chose to take some time off from teaching group fitness classes, spin classes, and going to dance classes in LA; as well as committing to not taking on any new personal training clients.
The time commitment involved to enjoy any of those things would have required too much time and would have kept me from completing my Math Final, my Writing for Liberal Arts Course, my Critical Perspectives Course, as well as the Music in Performance Challenge...yep, all that withing a few months.


Since the end of May, I have only been moving my body to stay alert through my studies, and to stay somewhat fit (as fit as someone can be while sitting in a library for hours on end). 
I've been doing the most time-efficient things to work up a good sweet and exhaust my body enough in the shortest period of time so I wouldn't be too fidgety while sitting at the library or in class.
I found myself going on trail runs, attending not-so-inspiring indoor cycling classes, and registering for random 5ks and trail races.
I was barely kayaking, which brings me the most joy other than dancing. I was no longer teaching my Controlled Burn Fitness Classes which have always afforded me the opportunity to at least keep my body fine tuned and injury-free. And I was not dancing at all, which really bummed me out.
Not good.

This morning, I had an early morning spot that wasn't filled so I decided to take advantage of  it and was able to give myself  a wonderful workout.

It was the perfect conversation starter for me and my body.

As with any relationship, neglect it long enough, it becomes harder and harder to start a conversation...resentment, that grows from neglect, builds up...things unravel.
I knew it was time I had a conversation with my body. Time to let my body know I still care for it. To let it tell me/show me how the neglect has created weakness, making our foundation a little less secure. How the neglect has made us less flexible, more rigid, less graceful. To remind me how great it feels when we move with freedom, yet with purpose. To let me show us that we must not ignore each others needs any longer...we must make time...make a date if move, to sweat, to breathe, to be appreciative of our gift of mobility.

It felt good to do the workout I designed exactly for that felt even better because for the first time in so long, I had the opportunity to move for ME! To move without having to consider the limitations of clients. To move without having to correct anyone other than myself.

Yes, it was the most enjoyable conversation I have had in a long time.

I encourage you to get moving! Have that wonderful conversation with your body!

-Melissa Adylia Calasanz
Controlled Burn Fitness

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