Saturday, August 25, 2012

Whew! Summer School is over!

Critical Perspectives
Monday, August 20th, marked the last day of Summer School!
It also marked the day I turned in my final paper for CP1.

Required reading for CP1
Critical Perspectives (CP1) is one of the required courses in the
LEAP Program Core Curriculum

CP1, also known as Critical Perspectives
is one of the required courses in the
Saint Mary's College LEAP Program Core Curriculum.

 “SEM 109 - Critical Perspectives I
An exploration of great writings that have shaped Western culture, including The Epic of Gilgamesh, and works by Dante, Chaucer, Blake, Melville, Plato, Shakespeare, Sophocles, Thoreau, Morrison, Cather and Stoppard. Students reflect critically upon important ideas and learn to cultivate habits of careful and disciplined reading.”

From June 4th-August 13th, the class met 7 times, for a 4 hour class at a hotel in Little Tokyo, in Downtown Los Angeles. The class was required to read 12 books, write interpretive essays, and complete a final comparative essay by August 20th.

Wow, it was a challenge!
Just look at the picture above and you’ll see the books we read for class.
Not exactly what one would consider “light” summer reading.
If it weren’t for the wonderful professor who always managed to keep me entertained, I sure don't know how I would have survived all the reading and essay writing.

Snack time at the Newport Beach Public Library
Taking a break from working on the final Comparative Essay

Though I thoroughly enjoyed the in-class discussion with my professor and amazing classmates, I wasn't too thrilled to learn that I am completely lacking in the type of hypothetical thinking required to successfully write interpretive essays.
I am now completely aware that my organizational skills completely fly off the wheel when attempting to compose a coherent interpretive essay...uggg!
It’s as if the hamster in my head gets to spinning out of control on his wheel thanks to all my ideas, then gets his fuzzy little foot stuck in the wheel and just keeps flying around with the wheel with no way to stop. 
Tackling those interpretive essays was definitely not my cup o’ tea!

Every day at the library, during CP1, was like Groundhogs Day

I am proud that I stuck it out, worked hard, and did my best. Sadly, my best really pretty much sucked. I only got one B on a paper, the rest Cs, and one C-! 
The professor was an honest grader. 
The bad grades were all me.

I am really looking forward to the next 2 weeks, where I will enjoy a lot of kayaking, hiking, running, cooking, and sleeping, along with picking up a book and reading it for pure enjoyment.
Cheers to the rest of summer!


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